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What are the existing charging modes?

The EV Charging ecosystem is changing fast. Sometimes, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the diversity of terms used and the options put forward to you. Do not worry; we are here to help make sense of all that! You need to keep in mind a few elements:

  • What is your EV max onboard charging capacity? Yes, we are often not using the maximum available power in a charger as your car will be the limiting factor; make sure you buy a charger adapted to your EV’s onboard charger capacity.

  • What is the type of plug/socket? Some countries like Singapore have specified a national standard, so make sure your charger comes with a Type 2 or CCS2 plug, and it should be ok!

  • Where am I going to charge most of the time? This one is a bit tricky as it depends on which country you live in, the type of dwelling, and your daily commuting needs. Most people will be charging at home (that is where your car spends at least a third of a day, at work, or a destination of interest (shopping center, leisure address, etc.)

Knowing better the above elements will allow you to go for an optimal solution that fulfills your needs! When it comes to the charger, there are a few options; you have mobile chargers called Mode 2 charging and Fixed installations, called Mode 3 for AC and Mode 4 for DC. At a early stage, when the EV market is nascent we recommend to go for Mode 2 chargers to keep a flexible use of the chargers without hindering too much on other mobility users not yet owning an electric vehicle. As the volumes of EVs on the road increase it is then justified to transition from a mobile model to a permanent installation as the usage rate of the permanently installed charger will justify the investment and the «freezing» of the parking lot. In any case, mobile chargers and fixec chargers are options that will co-exist as they satisfy different user cases. At ebeecharge we have the complete range of solutions for you. Take a look.

Our fixed charging solutions

    Our mobile charging solutions

    We have solutions that allows our customers to bring their chargers with them! Whether you want to charge at home, at work or while you are shopping we will make sure that you will always can do so. Look out for our ebeecharge smartsocket + mobile chargers to know more about it!

      Ebeecharge web app

      We offer all our customers the options to use our web app to transform their private chargers into semi-public chargers and generate revenue. Our webapp can control the charging process and billing of your smart socket or charger! Monetize from your investment! This market do not only belong to the big boy, every stakeholder can take part and benefit from it!

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