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  • Remote access

    Remote access

  • App control

    App control

  • Control monitoring, billing backend

    Control monitoring, billing backend

  • Heavy duty  applications

    Heavy duty applications

  • Retail applications

    Retail applications

  • Fleet operators

    Fleet operators

  • Ideal for public charging

    Ideal for public charging

C-Series, made to maximize usage and revenue

C-Series, made to maximize usage and revenue

The heavy-duty, electromechanical design of Kempower Charging Power Units (CPU) consists of control, dynamic, and power modules. Each cabinet utilizes 1 to 4 power modules, each providing a charging power of up to 50 kW. A full CPU provides a maximum power of up to 200/400/600 kW, depending on the CPU version. The charging power management can be set as dynamic, utilizing dynamic logic or static. With dynamic, the maximum charging power is automatically distributed and optimized between up to 8 charging outputs simultaneously. With static, each power module is assigned for a specific S-Series satellite or pantograph, providing pre-set charging power to each charging output. Pat. Pending Charging Power Management for intelligent, adaptive, and automatic charging power distribution to maximize the kW usage of your charging station.

Technical specifications

Find out why you should choose this system

    • Nominal input current 67A-991A
    • Nominal input voltage 380 - 480 VAC
    • Input frequency 50 - 60 Hz
    • Efficiency 95% at nominal output
    • Maximum output power 600kW DC with three coupled cabinets
    • Maximum output current 60A - 900A
    • Output voltage range 200V - 920V
    • DC connection standard CCS, CHAdeMO, max 8 outlets/cabinet
    • DC cable length 5 and 7 meters
    • Compliant to IEC 61851 & 61000 series
    • Weight single 200kW cabinet 400 kg
    • Dimensions single 200kW cabinet 650x2150x825
    • Cooling Forced air


  • Brochure C-Series 800V DC

    Brochure C-Series 800V DC

  • Brochure C-Series 500V DC

    Brochure C-Series 500V DC

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