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S-Series, built to bring the best user experience

S-Series, built to bring the best user experience

Advanced Satellite charging system utilizes Centralized Power Unit (CPU) cabinet that supplies power to multiple distributed charging satellites. Seven variations of the user friendly satellite post can be selected according to charging system topology. S-series charging solution match on locations where heavy-duty usage and high number of charging points are needed - such as gas stations, shopping malls, distribution centers, parking areas and Bus depots.

Technical specifications

Find out why you should choose this product

    • DC charging connector CCS1/2 IEC 62196-3 and CHAdeMO
    • Max voltage 1000 VDC
    • Max power 200kW DC
    • AC charging socket * Type 2 IEC 62196*
    • Max power 22kW AC
    • Enclosure class IP54, IK10
    • Protections Device and charging cable over temperature
    • Compliance IEC 61851 series
  • Installation KIT for a single Satellite for prefabricated cylinder type concrete foundation, with 5 inch hole. Standard concrete foundation element that is used for traffic lights is suitable for ground installation of Satellite. Steel tube with assembly elements provides more installation space for DC cables. Consult ebeecharge for details.


  • Brochure S-Series

    Brochure S-Series

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